Beyonce's Mom Files For Divorce


matt-bey-tinFor kids of any age having your parents divorce can be tough.  Hopefully busy busy Beyonce won’t be too negatively affected by her mom and dad’s break up.

Tina Knowles, who’d known as being a costume designer for her daughter and Destiny’s Child, has filed divorce papers in Harris County last month. She is looking to end her 29-year-marriage to hubby, and Beyonce’s daddy Matthew Knowles.

What was the straw that broke the marriage’s back?

According to reports, Matthew was hit with a paternity suit from a lady who claimed some carnal relations with the married man. And there is a lot at stake. Matthew is Beyonce’s manager so there is no doubt much money to be fought over.  And since they’re both in the family business – the Beyonce business – will they still be able to work together?