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Beyonce's Post-Baby Body Reignites Fake Pregnancy Rumors (Photos)

By Chris Rogers |

beyonce, beyonce post  baby body

Beyonce's "post baby" body has reignited fake pregnancy rumors.

Beyonce’s fans may be celebrating her post-baby body and reappearance in the spotlight, but her quick weight loss has only reignited those pesky fake pregnancy rumors!

Let’s be real. Who can honestly lose a whole lot of baby weight in just a month? Even Mariah Carey took MONTHS to debut her post-baby body on The Rosie Show.

Sure, there have been celebrity moms who have lost weight quickly, but Beyonce is no Jessica Alba! Beyonce’s figure at Jay-Z’s concert on Monday (Feb. 6) looks like an exact replica of her body pre-baby! So was she even pregnant at all?

Take a look at the comparabale photos below and judge for yourself!

nggallery id=’117355′

Beyonce's Post-Baby Body Reignites Fake Pregnancy Rumors (Photos)

Post Baby Body #1

Beyonce debuted her baby body at Jay-Z's concert on Monday (Feb. 6).

[Photos via Twitter/PR Photos/Pacific Coast News.]

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13 thoughts on “Beyonce's Post-Baby Body Reignites Fake Pregnancy Rumors (Photos)

  1. Siss says:

    You can tell she was prego….her breast are much bigger and she is not as thin as she usually in the mid-section…she looks great to just have had a baby! people need to shut the hell up and leave this women, her husband, and baby ALONE! Let’s be the adult I know most of you “Claim” to be! TEAM BEY&JAY&BLUE!

  2. Lola says:

    It’s called Spanx, ruching, and forgiving camera angles. This is all just so pathetic. Sniping at new moms is not the sort of content I come to Babble for.

  3. Ashley says:

    You’re kidding right? Thick thighs? Get real.

  4. Alicia says:

    I guess you didn’t see the pics of Heidi Klum only three weeks after giving birth. Or the fact she walked the runway for Victoria Secret 6 weeks after giving birth. Beyonce gave birth a month ago,she has enlarged breast from breastfeeding and her hips are extremely wide. All women lose baby weight different but to imply she was never pregnant is just cruel and insensitive.

  5. tasha says:

    no she is not ………………………get real…………….where is her baby fat cant lose that in a month

  6. LogicalMama says:

    I’m no model… but my friend’s were cursing me moments after birthing my child (yes, they were at the birth) b/c my belly went right down! Every woman is different.

  7. Jamie says:

    Leave her alone! She looks bigger than she ussually does. whether she carried the baby or not shouldn’t be an issue! Honestly she looked pregnant while pregnant and I have seen many stars snap back after pregnancy. She is an icon and highly marketable how long di you guys think she would say her pregnant size? her body is her money and she won’t mess up her money!

  8. Troy says:

    I still don’t believe she was pregnant, I think what we fail to realize is that she enjoyed eating and drinking during the time she was faking the preganancy and was not performing to keep her weight down. We all know that beYAWNcy was a hippie woman just like her mother and when she wasn’t dancing and gyrating on stage as she is known for she put the weight back on. Granted her breast look larger than before, I think and wholeheartedly believe she had breast implants, but I hardly believe that she gave birth because there were too many inconsistencies during her so-called pregnancy that spawn only 4 months in my estimation and not 9. But the truth will come out, beYAWNcy is not the most credible or smartest bulb in the batch.

  9. Nick says:

    The pic after the birth made me doubt she was pregnant in reality. Who’s hair is perfectly in place, makeup perfectly done with a smile on your face after being cut open. Even with drugs, it still isn’t pleasant. I agree with some posters that she is bigger than usual, but whatever. However the baby came to be, it’s theirs(her’s and Jay-Z’s). When you look at her mom, you know she’s not gonna be dropping weight just like that and you can tell her body “wants” that weight. It’s designed to carry it.

  10. Samantha says:

    First, I don’t think this article belongs on babble since it feeds the conspiracy theories and offers “proof” to the nay sayers.
    People are so quick to judge her because the same thing did not happen for themselves and think it must not be true then.
    Beyonce was extremely fit before pregnancy and because of her tight abs she didn’t show right away and didn’t get as large as the “average” pregnant woman. I have a friend that is a ballerina who is on her second child, she looks about 3 months pregnant even though she is seven, because she has killer abs.
    Also because Beyonce is fit and also breastfeeding, she probably dropped the weight quickly. I fit into my prepregnancy jeans at 4 weeks (I lost all the weight plus 5 lbs) and I lost my “fat” face days after birth. And she is probably wearing spanx to control anything left that is jiggling.
    Give the woman a break. Let’s stop judging her and her baby.

  11. Crystal says:

    omg… beyonce can do things that “normal” people cant… she has a lot of money and so does jay-z… there are pics of her breastfeeding… IN PUBLIC! wut kind of twisted person would have their kid suck on a breast for show? some of you need to get a grip and just face it… with her resources… she can afford lipo, tummy tuck… wutever… leave her alone and pay attention to your life and not worry about someone who has no direct impact on your life…

  12. Tara says:

    apparantly Beyonce has employed 7 full time nannies with at least 2 working at any one time. If this is true its clear then that she does have the time to perfect her hair and makeup and to exercise. Everyone develops differently during pregnancy apart from gaining baby weight i had actually lost weight (if that makes sense) I was a stone lighter after giving birth than before getting pregnant due to a healthy diet and exercise. I did however have excess skin on my belly after birth which was very easily hidden by using contour wraps and hold me up pants. I guess this all shows just how nasty and jealous women can be, they see a woman looking stunning and instead of complementing her the put her down and start nasty rumours. I personally want to say well done to Beyonce for looking so great because it isn’t easy.

  13. jasmine says:

    leave ha alone now

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