Beyonce's "Pregnancy" Under Fire: Jennifer Garner's Comparable 5-Month Baby Bump (Photos)


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Beyonce's "pregnancy" is rumored to be fake.

Beyonce, the ultimate showstopper, certainly is putting a hold on everyone’s attention as the pop icon is denying allegations that she’s using a prosthetic baby bump in lieu of having a surrogate mother carry her child.

I’m sorry, but the proof is in the pudding, sweetie. Take a look at an Australian interview that Queen B did recently and feast your eyes on her baby bump that mysteriously smashes, folds up, and regains shape as she places her behind in the seat. What gives?

Yesterday, we took a look and compared her “baby bump” to that of fellow pop star Hilary Duff.

As of now, Beyonce’s rep is denying the claims, calling all outlets that report on the matter “foolish and silly.” But the only foolish think I see is a mysterious looking baby bump.

And let’s be real. If this does end up being the truth, we will never know. At this point, the only thing Beyonce can do is deny, deny, deny. If the truth came out, she’d lose all credibility in the public eye.

We certainly know why someone of her caliber would do such a thing. Remember when Sarah Jessica Parker announced she was having twins, but a surrogate mother would carry them to term? Boring! No one wants to hear about a pregnancy and then not be able to watch all the maternity fashion choices, the growing belly, or hear about all the insane cravings. Parker’s surrogate also had to deal with the stalkerazzi who hounded her for months. So, I can see why Beyonce would do such a thing. I’m sure her album sales skyrocketed from the announcement as well. How convenient that Beyonce used the MTV VMA’s as a platform to showcase her pregnancy announcement.

Aside from the obvious video, we wanted to take a look at some hard facts – the belly itself. Fellow A-List celebrity, Jennifer Garner, is currently expecting her third child (a boy), and we thought we’d compare both her and Beyonce, seeing as though they’re both around their 5-month mark.

Take a look at the photos below and let us know: is the bump real or fake?

  • Beyonce 1 of 22
    Here Beyonce is on August 16, performing for fans who are unaware that she is "pregnant."
  • Beyonce 2 of 22
    It could be because there is HARDLY a baby bump.
  • Beyonce 3 of 22
    I also think if she was pregnant, she would wear something more concealing.
  • Beyonce 4 of 22
    At least until the actual announcement.
  • Jennifer Garner 5 of 22
    Jennifer Garner
    Here Jennifer Garner is a week later, (August 22). She has a slight bump and at this point, she had been under bump watch for a month or two.
  • Jennifer Garner 6 of 22
    Jennifer Garner
    Here Jen is again on September 14. (2 weeks after Beyonce announced her pregnancy on the VMA's).
  • Jennifer Garner 7 of 22
    Jennifer Garner
    Jen's bump is very apparant.
  • Jennifer Garner 8 of 22
    Jennifer Garner
    Her bump is a pretty good size.
  • Jennifer Garner 9 of 22
    Jennifer Garner
    The sweater conceals the bump a little bit though.
  • Jennifer Garner 10 of 22
    Jennifer Garner
    Stripes are definitely a good trick.
  • Beyonce 11 of 22
    Here Beyonce is at the VMA's when she announced her prengnacy. She looks to be 4-5 months pregnant, but admits to only being three.
  • Beyonce 12 of 22
    Another shot of Beyonce.
  • Jennifer Garner 13 of 22
    Jennifer Garner
    Jennifer Garner on September 30. Reporters were saying she looks "ready to pop."
  • Jennifer Garner 14 of 22
    Jennifer Garner
    Her belly is popping out of her tank top.
  • Jennifer Garner 15 of 22
    Jennifer Garner
    At least Violet looks happy to be a big sister. And her belly is far from perfect - which is a good sign that it's real.
  • Jennifer Garner 16 of 22
    Jennifer Garner
    And she covers it up.
  • Jennifer Garner 17 of 22
    Jennifer Garner
    A week later on October 6.
  • Jennifer Garner 18 of 22
    Jennifer Garner
    Jen was out running some errands.
  • Jennifer Garner 19 of 22
    Jennifer Garner
    Jen recently announced she is having a boy!
  • Jennifer Garner 20 of 22
    Jennifer Garner
    Jen's baby bump.
  • Beyonce 21 of 22
    This is Beyonce around the same time as the previous photos. But she doesn't even have a bump.
  • Beyonce 22 of 22
    Where is the bump?

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