Beyonce's Suite: You Can Give Birth There Too! And It's Cheaper Than You'd Think!

Do You Want Beyonce's Birthing Suite?

Did you see the photos of Beyonce’s birthing suite at Lenox Hill Hospital? Yeah, it was fancy schmancy. There have been crazy rumors about the cost of the suite, from gossip that Beyonce and Jay-Z spent close to a million and a half dollars to rent out the entire floor, to word that the power couple had paid to have their own suite created, also at the tune of over a million.

But now that the baby Blue Ivy dust has settled, we now have more – realistic details about the maternity room and news that you, yes you, can birth in chic style just like Beyonce! And one of the surprising things about the suites? The cost. Their price tag is less then you’d think. How much is one of these deluxe VIP rooms? 

According to TMZ, there are seven suites in the area that Beyonce gave birth and they cost about $700 to $800 a night.  The suites have  “reconfigurable designs,” which apparently means the walls can be moved so that a suite can be bigger and even more deluxe. It appears that Beyonce’s suite consisted of about four rooms. Which would have been billed at the tune of about $3200, far cheaper than 1.5 million.

Would you rent that room for your baby’s birth?