Big Brother Is Going To Be A Big Daddy


will-big-brother-daddy-pregnantDr Evil is going to have a mini me. No, I’m not talking about Mike Myers; I’m talking about Dr. Will Kirby from Big Brother.

His baby mama is Erin Brodi. You may remember her from “For Love Or Money”. I don’t remember either of them, because I prefer to rot my brain with other shows.

Their baby, a boy, will be born in May. Another reality baby, oh vey.

Good thing they both have real jobs and don’t just depend on their 15 minutes to get them through life. He has a successful dermatology practice and she does something or other. (There isn’t internet here in the hospital or I’d look it up for you)

Maybe their baby will have a chance at a normal life.

Congrats to the couple! Raising a child is beyond any reality you’ve ever known.

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