Big Love Finale Rocks - No Sopranos Treatment for the Sister Wives!

big love finale
Big Love Finale Honors The Sister Wives

In the end it all came down to the sister wives in the Big Love finale!  Warning: If you haven’t already seen the ending stop reading now ‘cuz I’m going to spill the beans below…

They killed Bill!!  That’s what it comes down to in the end of Big Love.  They killed Bill the string that ties all the sister wives together and they just went on with life.  Sure they mourned him and I’m sure the ladies will miss him, but they all went on together because what they truly need is each other — Bill was just a bonus. The wives are strong enough to go on without him with the support of their family and each other they can do just about anything!  The Big Love finale may have been an ending of their life with Bill, but it was just the beginning of the lives of the sister wives.

What did you think of the Big Love finale?