Big Love Finale: Watch Big Love Final Scene, How Did Big Love End? (Video)

big love finale how did big love end final scene
How did Big Love finale end?

The Big Love finale wrapped up season 5 and the series as a whole, and it seems fans and critics were divided about the Big Love series finale – what did you think of how Big Love ended?

Was it the best way to wrap up Big Love? Or did you hope it would have a more happy ending?

Big Love spoilers ahead…

Those who tuned in for the Big Love finale saw Bill’s death and the sister wives surrounding him, as Barb gave a final blessing and Bill forever slipped out of their lives.

Watch the Big Love finale Bill death scene (video) below as well as the final scene from Big Love’s five season run.

I loved how Bill was still a presence in their lives, watching over Barb, Margene and Nicki from the table – he’s there in spirit… but not all fans and critics agreed.

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