Big News for Coffee Lovers! Starbucks Coming to Disneyland's Main Street!

The Home of the New Starbucks

On a recent multi-day trip to Disneyland my family was wondering why I kept on wanting to go to California Adventure each morning and each afternoon. It wasn’t the rides (which are amazing), it wasn’t the entertainment (I love the bands on Buena Vista Street), it was that the one and only Starbucks in the area is housed there.

The Fiddler, Fifer & Practical Cafe at the end of Buena Vista Street is one of the most popular attractions at California Adventure, at least with those with a caffeine addiction like me! But I no longer will have to drag to family over there morning, noon and night, it has been announced that a Starbucks will soon be coming to Main Street in the Magic Kingdom!

The Starbucks will be housed in the Market House and will open this fall and will have a “turn-of-the-century general store” vibe. I, personally, can’t wait to have another option on where to get my double soy mochas!

Photo Source: Disney Parks

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