Big Time Mens Mag Wants Justin Biebers Mom!


Justin Bieber‘s mom is famous in her own right. For being, well, Justin Bieber’s mom.  She has over 100,000 followers on twitter. Yes, 100,000. And with fame comes fortune, good tables at restaurants and of course offers to pose for…Playboy.

(photo from Justin’s Mom’s twitter account)

Now one doesn’t usually think of a pop star’s mom as being anywhere the age frame of a regular Playboy model. But Justin’s mom – Pattie Lynn Mallette- is just 34-years-old, she got pregnant with Justin when she was a teen at age 17. According to Radar (who heard the news from celeb blogger Zack Taylor, she was offered $50,000 to appear topless in the pages of men’s mag.

But would she do it? Doubtful. She’s far too busy gallivanting around the globe with her son. And she is more opt to quote the psalms from the Bible that quotes from bunnies.

Do you think she should do it?

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