Biggest Loser Finale: See All The Before And After Pictures!

biggest loser finale biggest loser winner
Biggest Loser finale: See before and after pictures!

I’m always amazed when watching “The Biggest Loser” finale at just how much these contestants’ bodies have changed during their time on the ranch. And it’s not just the “Biggest Loser” winner. Everyone looks completely different than they did when they arrived, and what’s amazing is that they managed to keep it off (for the most part) once they got home as well what an inspiration for their kids, who see how hard work can pay off. Check out these “Biggest Loser” 2010 before and after pictures!

These “Biggest Loser” finale pictures include “Biggest Loser” winner 2010 Patrick, a stay-at-home dad of two who had been out of work but was just offered a job mentoring overweight teens, and Frado, the personable New Yorker who lost more than 100 pounds, as well as Elizabeth and Ada.

Which contestant were you rooting for?

Photo: NBC

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