Biggest Pageant FAILS of All Time! (VIDEOS)


Did you think that Miss Philippines Venus Raj’s answer to her final question of the Miss Universe pageant was a great big FAIL? Well, think again.

Although she didn’t get the best question, and did not give the best answer, it really wasn’t that bad. These ladies here REALLY fumbled their words, tangled with their dresses and tripped, fell and got in more case far more exposure than she was hoping for.

Check out these biggest pageant FAIL videos right here!

Miss Teen USA 2007 – Ms. South Carolina – Most confusing answer ever!

She loses her bikini bottom! Oh my!

Miss Universe 2007 – Miss USA slips and falls but does a great recovery!

Miss USA falls again!

She trips and she falls!

Miss Michigan loses her balance but keeps standing!

Even though she gets totally tongue tied in her questions, she still wins Miss Universe Australia 2010!

Miss Universe 2009 can’t get the crown to stay.

Miss California answers question from Perez Hilton. Her ‘honest’ answer may have cost her the crown, but it made her famous and infamous!

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