Biggie Smalls: What Happened That Night 14 Years Ago? And is His Killer Still at Large?


Christopher George Latore Wallace aka Biggie Smalls aka Notorious B.I.G. had a life that was cut very very short.  When he was killed back in 1997, he was just 24. And March 9th is the anniversary of his death, fourteen years ago.

So what happened that night on March 9th? How did Biggie Smalls death happen? Biggie Smalls had traveled out to California to do some promotion for his new album and to shoot a video for the song ‘Hypnotize.’ He had been concerned about his safety and had actually hired security for the trip. On that fateful evening, Biggie went to a Soul Train Music Awards after party hosted by Vibe Magazine which he attended with Faith Evan, Aailyah and P Diddy Sean Combs. Shortly after midnight Biggie and security and entourage left the party to go back to their hotel. Sean Combs was in another car with three bodyguards.

About 50 yards away from where the party was the vehicle Biggie Smalls was riding in stopped at a red light. A Chevy Impala pulled alongside the car and the driver pulled out a gun and shot Biggie four times. Biggie was rushed to the hospital but was pronounced dead soon after.

There is still no answer to who really killed Biggie Smalls (and also Tupac) but late last year there was new evidence found which may shed light on the case. There has been word that Suge Knight was involved and that that he worked with a hit man named Amir Muhammad (also known as Harry Billups) as well as a LAPD David Mack. Will justice ever be served?

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