Bill Clinton Adopts Vegan Diet In Hopes Of Staying Healthy For Future Grandchildren

Bill Clinton Chelsea Clinton
Bill Clinton and daughter Chelsea

Former President Bill Clinton has definitely been showing his age these days, and it looks like he’s taking matters into his own hands to try and reverse it. He has adopted a new vegan diet, and is hoping that eating only plant-based foods will help his body heal itself.

Clinton has lost about 20 pounds since he began the diet in May. He says that in another two months, he will know whether it has worked to help break up calcium deposits and arterial blockage around the heart.

Vegan diets have proven to help heal clogged arteries in other cases. Sometimes the diet can even reverse the negative effects on the body. Eating a plant-based diet basically means ingesting no cholesterol, and results in a much healthier heart.

President Clinton also says that he started the new diet with the hopes of staying healthy for his future grandchildren, which may be on the way in the next few years considering that his daughter, Chelsea, is now a married woman. She wed Mark Mesvinsky over the summer.

Photo: PRPhotos