Bill Clinton Talks Chelseas Wedding on The Daily Show (Video)

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President Bill Clinton talks to Jon Stewart on The Daily Show

Former President Bill Clinton talks about daughter Chelsea’s wedding in this Daily Show video clip, after host Jon Stewart congratulates Bill Clinton on the summer shindig that made headlines for its extravagant cost.

Bill Clinton explains that his daughter getting married, “was very emotional… it makes you feel like your child is finally, really grown.” On the details of the wedding, Clinton explains, “I love my son-in-law and I admire him, and I wanted to do this wedding just the way she [Chelsea] wanted it.”

As for the cost, well Clinton jokes, “it’s my contribution to the economic stimulus,” adding, “I was sort of surprised when the unemployment rate didn’t drop after the wedding.”

Due to the time constraints of The Daily Show, Clinton’s interview was edited for the show, but you can watch the full, extended (unedited) Bill Clinton interview online, which includes his advice to President Obama.

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