Bill Hader – Competition in Parenting


bill-hader-maggie-carey-snl-saturday-night-liveBill Hader is a funny guy. Which is, of course, why this story is even funnier. His daughter was born in October and before her birth he and his wife attended child birthing classes.

He told this story about the competitive parents in their birthing classes:

“My wife — she wasn’t righteous about it or anything — wanted to try natural, she wanted no epidural, and the other people … got really offended.”

“My wife was like, ‘We’re going to try and tough it out,’ and this guy was like, ‘What? You’re saying my wife’s not tough?’

“Huh? Who wants a tough wife? What are you talking about man? He was like, ‘Come on! Wrestle right now.’ He was like, ‘So what, you guys are going to have your baby in a bath tub or something? What, you like live in a hut or something.'”

The funny thing is, that I can totally imagine this happening.

His wife ended up having an epidural, but not before she tried to do it medication free for 16 hours.


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