Bill Rancic Says Were Raising "A Country Of Wimps" And I Agree

96094PCN_Rancic13In a new interview with Larry King, Apprentice winner, reality television star and celebrity dad Bill Rancic, who is married to E! host Giuliana Rancic, made some comments that I’m sure is going to stir some emotion in each one of you.

“I have a whole theory on how we’re raising kids in America,” Bill said on Larry King Now“Kids are given so much and parents are always making excuses. It’s the teachers fault, it’s the coaches fault, it’s the other kids fault in the classroom.”

He added: “By the time these kids are adults they have never had to take any accountability. We’re raising a bunch of wimps! “When my kid wants to get a car he’s going to go get a job just like I had to do and you had to do. I think we’re really coddling these kids way too much. They need to fall down and scrape their knee.”

Can someone just go ahead and buy him that drink?

I agree 100 percent with Bill. It seems like these days children are expecting cell phones at the age of 6, $5,000 birthday parties at 13 and their own Range Rover before the laminate has even cooled down on their newly acquired drivers license. It seems like we are raising our children in a world of over consumption where the cool Kids of Instagram are idolized, big blow-out parties for their sweet 16 are the norm and you get “mean girled” in high school if you’re not sporting the latest $1000 Louis Vuitton bag.

And these are the same kids, as Bill says, who like to blame their teachers for their bad grades, their coaches for that shot they never made and society for not being easy enough for them. They like to consume, spend and well, not work very hard for what they have.

But you know what, we can’t blame these kids. When parents are running off and buying $500 Marc Jacobs shoes for their babies fresh out of the womb because it’s what Suri Cruise is wearing or treating their entitled 13-year-old and their closest friends to a weekend getaway to the Bahamas for their birthday, the problem really starts with how we’re parenting these kids, right? If kids are used to getting their Frappuccino served to them every morning before school, chances are they’re not going to want to work behind that counter to be serving them instead.

Kudos to Bill for speaking out about what is looking to be an epidemic in our country with our children who make too many excuses before realizing they are the excuse. There’s this thing called a job application and we might want to start teaching our children how to fill one out.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago
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