Billie Piper Faces A Conundrum Everyday


piper-billie-high-class-prostituteBillie Piper is so cute. She lives on a farm with her family, believes in passion and love and plays a hooker on TV.

She doesn’t play just a hooker, but a high class call girl. We’ve discussed the fact that people in the village in which she lives feel she is her roll. Now she discusses how playing a high-class call girl makes her feel as a mother.

She said, “I’m aware of the fact that you have a child, yet here you are again, with another actor, pretending to be prostitute. I’m not shy of a sex scene, but these scenes aren’t just pretend penetration in your pants, they’re really exposing. There was one where I had to do it doggy style and make animal noises. And there is a part of me that thinks: “I have to go home and feed my son now, and I’m going to need several showers before that. And a lot of praying.””

“I just hope I raise my son as someone who’s really open-minded. And forgiving.”

It’s interesting, because she must like something about the role to remain, to feel like she can deal with the questions later. At least she’s providing a stable life for her son, that’s the important thing.


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