Billy Mays III Hosting Billy Mays Costume Contest...Zombies Permitted


billy-mays__opt1How is pitchman Billy Mays’ son paying tribute to his dearly departed dad? By hosting a Halloween Billy Mays Costume Contest! Billy Mays III posted on his website:

“Halloween is approaching rapidly and it goes without saying that “deceased celebrities” (and balloon boy) will most likely be a huge theme at every gathering.

There will no doubt be a multitude of people dressed as Billy Mays (or zombie Billy Mays).. it is one of the easiest costumes of all time to put together. (Beard, blue button-down, khakis, prop product, etc..)”

He does ask that the tributes be tasteful (but that zombie version of his dad are permitted).  Prizes include things like a tub of Oxi-Clean and Mighty Putty.

Nice to see that Mays’ son is finding fun in his mourning. You can check it out the contest here.

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