Billy the Kid Pardoned? See the Actors Who Played Him (VIDEO)


The infamous Billy the Kid may be receiving a posthumous pardon. The Old West gunslinger apparently had been promised by territorial Governor Lew Wallace amnesty for shooting a sheriff and other misdeeds if Billy the Kid were to testify in another murder case.

Billy the Kid went along but his pardon didn’t happen and he was sentenced to death. He escaped jail, killing two deputies in the process.  Sheriff Pat Garrett shot him a few weeks after the escape.

Why all the fuss now about whether he should be issued a pardon is beyond me, but history buffs are intrigued.  Though his is a familiar name to us all, thanks to movies and television. See who played him best.

The role of Billy the Kid has long been a character in movies and tv shows. IMDb has almost ninety different mentions of who played the role on television shows. Paul Newman, Emilio Estevez, and Val Kilmer have played him in movies, among others.

Do you remember “Young Guns?”

Which actor do you think makes the best Billy the Kid? Should Billy the Kid receive a pardon all these years later?