Birthday Wars: Will Jon & Kate Rain On The Twins' Parade?


jon gosselin wet republic 300809In happier times (or at least more civil ones), Jon and Kate had planned to celebrate their twin daughters Cara and Mady’s birthday together as one big family. Obviously, with Jon emptying their joint bank account the events of the past week, Kate doesn’t really want him around tomorrow … and Jon is not happy about it.

Apparently, Kate sent her estranged husband — who recently halted production of Kate Plus 8 and allegedly emptied out their joint bank account — an email, refusing to have a joint birthday party and asking him to limit his b-day partying with his kids to 2 hours tomorrow. Says Kate:

“Due to recent events, it’ll be too stressful for the kids to have both of us here as we had originally planned.”

Gee, that’s a understatement.  TMZ has some video footage of Jon getting all worked up about it, but really… what else could he expect. You can’t go around jacking with your soon-to-be ex-wife’s life and finances, then expect your custody arrangements to go all smooth and junk.

Most divorced parents have to work with each other to keep the joint custody thing working smoothly. Get with it, Jon.