Bj Penn vs Matt Hughes UFC 123 Video: Too Quick For Comfort

bj penn vs matt hughes ufc 123 video
BJ Penn vs Matt Hughes UFC 123 Video

The BJ Penn vs Matt Hughes UFC 123 video is now available to view online, but do your best to keep up with it. It lasts just 21 seconds.

Penn finishes the fight in just 21 seconds and also earned the knockout of the night bonus.

Some are even suggesting that the fight was rigged, but it makes no sense that Hughes would want to lose and ruin his record.

I think Penn just got extremely lucky. I’m also fairly sure his game plan was to get the fight over with quickly, since he knew he couldn’t go the distance against a fighter of Hughes‘ caliber. Therefore he was hitting much harder than Hughes anticipated, and his counter-right was so vicious that Hughes went down and out. Hughes said later he thought it was a knee or an elbow, it hit that hard.

Did you watch the fight last night?