Black Friday Lyrics: Lil Kim Has Quite the Potty Mouth (Video)


black friday lyrics lil kimLil Kim is busy this holiday season bashing fellow MC Nicki Minaj in her new song Black Friday.   The lyrics are a slap in the face of Nicki Minaj and her recent hit Roman’s Revenge.  The song is just the latest swing in an ongoing battle of words between the two divas.  

Keep reading to hear a video clip with the Lil Kim Black Friday lyrics.

Warning: In the clip, Lil Kim shows off her major potty mouth so make sure the kids are out of the room before you take a listen!  You can take a look at the lyrics to Lil Kim’s Black Friday here.

This is just the latest blow in the ongoing Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj battle of the divas.  It’s time that the ladies start setting an example for kids by putting their differences aside and learning how to play nice!

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