Black Friday Shopping At Target For The Kids: Ready, Set, Go! (Photos)

My daughter opening up Christmas presents in a Nick and Nora pajama set from Target

Ok, here’s a mom confession for you: in two weeks, I will have my first Black Friday shopping experience under my belt. In the true spirit of Thanksgiving, I will be clipping coupons and going through the Thursday newspaper to research the latest deals and steals before anyone else can get their hands on them.

Ok, technically it will be my second, because I did step into a Banana Republic store on Black Friday two years ago… but it was completely unplanned. This year I plan on going the distance by having a game plan, either waiting in line by midnight or waking up super early to hit the sales before everyone else does (ok, stop laughing) and buying everything that’s on my list in less than two hours. I am determined and because I have a lot of gifts to buy this year for the holiday season, I need to be prepared to at least spend as little money as I possibly can with that fiscal cliff looming over us (you know what I’m talking about!).

The first place I plan on going to is my beloved Target. I mean, where else can I get my children’s wish-list toys, winter clothes, electronics and home furnishing all under one roof? For my kids, I’ll be stocking up on clothing items that are either going to be on the clearance rack or on sale. As my kids grow an inch in a minute (or so it seems), I’ll be buying items that they’ll be able to wear for the summer, fall, and winter in bigger sizes for the upcoming year, and the same will go with their shoes. Any mother with a budget will know that it’s totally unnecessary to buy expensive or trendy clothing for children who will probably only end up wearing the clothes two or three times if they’re lucky before they outgrow it. By shopping at Target, at least I have to comfort of knowing that I’ll be able to pick out clothes that have my children’s favorite cartoon characters on them, won’t cost me a fortune, and will last them until their next growth spurt. Because a pair of $85 Juicy Couture shoes won’t cut it for this mother, but a $10 knock-off pair by Circo will.

On top of all of these great deals, all pajamas are going to be priced at $10 or under and most sweaters and accessories will be at 30% or more off. And to make things even sweeter, if you spend $50 or more on apparel, accessories and home purchases, you get a free $10 gift card. Talk about sweet!

Tell us, do you keep your family festively stylish during the holidays? We’re giving away three $50 Target giftcards to brighten the season! To enter for a chance to win, simply comment on this post with a personal tip on how you dress your children conveniently — and with style — during the holidays!

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