Blake Shelton and Reba McEntire Hosted CMAs and Kept Us Laughing (VIDEO)


Reba McEntire and Blake Shelton co-hosted the 2011 ACM Awards, and they really stole the show! Both were charming and both put their big senses of humor to good use and kept us laughing throughout the entire show.

Reba has hosted the ACMs13 times, so we already knew that she’d be a crowd favorite and give us all something to laugh about. Blake on the other hand has a much more cheeky sense of humor than Reba’s family-friendly one. Some people involved with the ACMs and the network were even were worried about Blake’s sense of humor prior to the live broadcast.

It was widely reported that Blake told CBS that he wouldn’t become too inappropriate as the host:

“I just want you to know that I take this serious. It’s a big deal to me…And I definitely wouldn’t bring Reba down with me.”

The CBS network still decided to put a five-second delay on the show, giving them a chance to “bleep” any profanity or inappropriate comments and keep the show squeaky clean.

All went well and Blake behaved himself. And while Miranda Lambert wasn’t a fan of the opening of the show, Reba and Blake definitely made a fantastic team and were really fun to watch. They poked fun at each other, themselves, and other celebrities (including talking about Taylor Swift’s recent break up), and kept us laughing through the night.

You can see just how funny Blake & Reba were last night here!