Blanket Confused About MJ's Death: "Where's Daddy"



Michael’s youngest child, 7 year-old Blanket (pictured above covering his face), is reportedly having a tough time coming to grips with the death of his father.

Says godfather Mark Lester:

It is obvious to me that Blanket is still unsure about what exactly happened to his father. He said, ‘Where’s daddy gone? On holiday?’ It was a rhetorical question and it broke my heart,”

Dude, that is sooo sad. Losing your father at age 7 has got to be a really tough thing to understand, and its really heart wrenching  to think about what they’re going through.

Lester recently visited his godchildren at the family’s estate in Encino, where Lester got to check up on how Prince Michael, Paris and Blanket were getting along.

“Prince was taciturn, unusual for him, but we still had a hug,” he added. “Paris gave me a tight hug and we just held each other for a while. We were both welling up. I told her that her dad would always lie in her heart and be remembered by at least half of the world. Paris replied, ‘I’m just glad he is at peace.’ “