Blanket Jackson Cries Himself To Sleep At Night



The Jackson children are learning to cope with life without their beloved father, Michael, but youngest son, Blanket, 7, cries himself to sleep every night.

Prince Michael II, AKA Blanket, is reportedly very distraught since losing his dad and often asks family where his “daddy” is and cries in his room.

A pal said, “He cries himself to sleep and keeps asking where his daddy is.  His aunt Rebbie spent the first few nights sleeping on a cot bed beside him because he was scared to sleep alone. He acts pretty wild during the day.”

Daughter Paris, 11, is coping with her loss by spending time doing quieter activities.  “Paris does a lot of reading and watercolor painting and hair-braiding with her cousins, who visit every day and she speaks regularly to a handful of friends on her mobile phone,” said the source.

Their grandmother, Katherine Jackson, “makes sure that internet access is monitored and time-limited around the house.”

So sad for those children to have to grow up without their daddy.  Hopefully, they are surrounded by lots of family and friends who will help them cope.