Blood Libel: Did Sarah Palin Just Take Down Her Controversial Video?

sarah palin, blood libel
Sarah Palin Calls Arizona Criticism A "Blood Libel."

If Sarah Palin wanted to put a nail in the coffin in any presidential potential lot, posting a response video accusing the media of “Blood Libel”  for the tragedy of the Tuscon shooting may have just done it.

The timing of her Facebook rant was ill advised. It’s launch was on the same day as the 9-year-old victim’s funeral and President Obama’s upcoming speech about the horrendous events that took place that day. In it she “shot back at “journalists and pundits” for “manufacturing a blood libel that serves only to incite the very hatred and violence they purport to condemn.” But “blood libel” is quite a loaded term, one that was used by Adolf Hitler…Huffington Post notes that “Blood libel refers to a rumor that has fueled anti-semitism and the persecution of Jews for nearly 900 years.” And there has been criticism by pundits for Sarah Palin using that phrase. And now it looks like like the video may have been taken down! MSNBC is reporting that the link to the video has “suddenly” disappeared. Did Palin just realize she pulled a un-PC no-no?  Or maybe she just didn’t want to deal even more with the press and pundits having a field day with her communications.