Blue Ivy Carter Photos: Babies Who Had Debuts On Their Own Terms (Photos)


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Blue Ivy Carter's first photo.

Beyonce and Jay-Z could have made millions of dollars by releasing the first photos of Blue Ivy Carter to a weekly tabloid such as People or Us Weekly, but instead there is a new trend in Hollywood: releasing photos on your own terms.

Beyonce and Jay-Z used tumblr to display the first photos of their adorable baby daughter. And in turn, they are continuing the trend that many have started before them.

When celebrities release photos on their own terms, they potentially lessen the aggression that comes from the paparazzi attempting to get the “first shot” of a celebrity baby.

Do you agree with the way Beyonce and Jay-Z introduced Blue Ivy Carter? Take a look below at other parents who have done the same!

  • Marcelo Alejandro 1 of 6
    Marcelo Alejandro
    Ali Landry tweeted this photo of her husband and son before any publication got a hold of a photo.
  • Hattie McDermott 2 of 6
    Hattie McDermott
    Tori Spelling posted various angles of her baby's ears, feet, and finally her face when her and husband Dean McDermott took Hattie shopping for the first time.
  • Moroccan and Monroe Cannon 3 of 6
    Moroccan and Monroe Cannon
    Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon used a website to release photos of their babies.
  • Harper Seven Beckham 4 of 6
    Harper Seven Beckham
    Victoria Beckham released this first photo of Harper Seven and her daddy David Beckham in the hospital room.
  • Blue Ivy Carter 5 of 6
    Blue Ivy Carter
    Beyonce and Jay-Z used a page on tumblr to release the first photos of Blue Ivy Carter.
  • Arthur Saint 6 of 6
    Arthur Saint
    Selma Blair also used twitter to release the first photo of her baby boy Arthur Saint.

[Photos via Twitter.]

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