Blue Valentine Trailer : Want to Watch?

Blue Valentine
Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling star in "Blue Valentine"

The buzz surrounding the ratings change for the movie “Blue Valentine” has caused many to wonder just what the movie is about.

Starring Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling, the movie previously was given an NC-17 rating due to one explicit scene. However, it has now been given an R rating.

Just what is the movie about? And what does the trailer look like?

There is a young couple, Dean(Gosling) and Cindy(Williams) who have a sweet moment on their first date where he plays his guitar and sings for her and she dances for him. Then, the film goes to present day, where the couple is married and has a baby.

Things are not as simple and easy as on their first date. The film cuts between 24 hours of their present life to early moments in their relationship to show the contrast between the sweet hopefulness of their early relationship days to the harsh reality of their marriage.

It sounds a little painful. Definitely not a movie for a first date, but maybe those of us who have been married for a while can relate.

Want to watch the Blue Valentine Trailer? Just click that link!

Photo: PRPhotos