Bobby Brown Still Hasn't Seen Bobbi Kristina and May Not be Invited to Whitney Houston's Funeral

The family in 2004, three years before Houston and Brown divorced.

The first thing I said to my husband upon hearing that Bobby Brown had decided to continue his New Edition concert after hearing news of ex-wife, Whitney Houston’s death was – WHAT?  Regardless of how he feels about Whitney he needs to immediately get to his 18-year-old daughter, Bobbi Kristina, who was staying at the Beverly Hilton with her mother when she died.  I’m not the only one who feels that way.

But, who knows?  In times of shock and grief people do strange things.  However, it seems Whitney Houston’s family isn’t too keen on Bobby Brown either. 

As TMZ reports, Brown still hasn’t seen his daughter and it’s been four days since Houston’s death.  He arrived in L.A. Sunday night and, despite trying to call and see his daughter he was reportedly turned away by Whitney’s family and friends who are said to be caring for Bobbi Kristina, who has been hospitalized twice, at a an L.A. are home.  Sources are apparently telling the omnicient TMZ that Brown thinks Whitney’s mom, Cissy Houston is to blame because she’s hated him for years.

In fact, Cissy Houston is so down on Bobbi that, as TMZ reports, she doesn’t want him at a private funeral being planned for Houston’s. There as been no OFFICIAL word he shouldn’t attend, but sources tell TMZ people close to the Houston clan have told Bobby he isn’t welcome:

Sources tell us … Bobby WANTS to attend the funeral so he can support his daughter Bobbi Kristina, but he hasn’t decided on a plan of action yet.

Bottom line — we’re told Bobby is hoping the family will be able to set aside their differences so they all can focus on mourning the loss of their loved one.

I’m obviously unaware of the actual relationship between Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston when she died, but he was married to her for 15 years and has a daughter with her who probably needs her dad’s support.  I understand many blame Brown for getting Houston hooked on drugs, but as the singer herself said, she’s her own person.  She makes her own choices and nobody made her do drugs.  What are your thoughts?  Should Brown be able to attend Houston’s funeral?  Has his behavior since Houston’s death bothered you?