Bobs: 10 Celebrity Moms Who Have Boldly Rocked the Bob!

Gwyneth Paltrow sported the Bob.

Some celebrities change their hair style as often as their nail polish. From different shades, extensions, bangs – their style totally runs the gamete from sexy to sensible. But one hair style celebrities – and especially celebrity moms – seem to be drawn to? The Bob.

It’s simple, safe, and looks good on a variety of ladies. Some do a bob with bangs, some add a little bit of layer, other go for the classic straight 60s style bob. But one thing for sure, even though a bob can sometimes scream “soccer mom” these ladies totally make the bob glamorous and chic.

Check out these ten celebrity moms who have rocked the bob!

  • Jenny McCarthy 1 of 9
    Jenny McCarthy
  • Katie Holmes 2 of 9
    Katie Holmes
  • Patricia Arquette 3 of 9
    Patricia Arquette
  • Victoria Beckham 4 of 9
    Victoria Beckham
  • Jessica Alba 5 of 9
    Jessica Alba
  • Heidi Klum 6 of 9
    Heidi Klum
  • Nicole Richie 7 of 9
    Nicole Richie
  • Jennie Garth 8 of 9
    Jennie Garth
  • Tori Spelling 9 of 9
    Tori Spelling

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