Bombshell: Was Courtney Love Physically Abusive?


courtneyloveandfrancesbeancobain1A few weeks ago, we found out that Courtney Love had lost custody of her daughter Frances Bean Cobain. Now, information is starting to filter out that explains (among the many probable reasons) exactly why Love lost her parental rights — and it involves the words “domestic violence.” Kurt must be rolling over in his grave.

It’s no secret that the former Mrs. Kurt Cobain has been battling drug and alcohol addiction for, well… decades maybe? So it came as little surprise that the courts stripped Courtney of her rights as Frances’ guardian and to a lesser extent, maybe it isn’t much of a surprise that the legal documents pertaining to the court proceedings include “allegations of domestic violence.”

Somehow, I’m still a little shocked by the revelation.

Oddly enough, these allegations were uncovered by E! News when Frances’ paternal grandmother and aunt filed to have all of the records of the legal proceedings sealed from the public, especially those that including “personal and medical information” and “allegations of domestic violence.”

Without knowing any more specifics, it appears that these allegations are in some way linked to the restraining order that prohibits Courtney from contacting her daughter.