Bones Producers Struggling With Emily Deschanel's Pregnancy

emily deschanel pregnant
How are Bones producers coping with Emily Deschanel being pregnant?

Emily Deschanel is pregnant with her first child, and while the actress is no doubt brimming with excitement, the producers of her hit show, Bones, are having a hard time working around her growing baby bump. What does Emily Deschanel’s pregnancy mean for the future of Bones? How will it affect her character, Brennan?

Bones was recently picked up for a seventh season, which has added new problems into the mix as far as shooting around Emily’s pregnancy goes. She is also one of the producers on the show and says of the issue, “I image you’re going to see Brennan behind a microscope a lot next season. I think there’s gonna be a lot of close-ups of Brennan.”

She also added, “I said I’d work through my hiatus, but we didn’t have a pick up until now, and they have to write before we shoot. It’s a whole situation.”

Will writers of the show be forced to include Emily’s pregnancy in the storyline as a possible solution? Not according to her. She says, “I am not gonna say no, never say never, I guess, but I think it’s unlikely. I feel like that would change things so much.”

Photo: Pacific Coast News