Bonnaroo: Enough With the Clues! Just Tell Us Already!


Bonnaroo cluesThe Bonnaroo 2011 Music and Arts Festival line-up has yet to be announced. But, they are teasing us with hints.

It’s the 10th year of the festival and we should know the line-up for sure in the next few weeks. Are you following the Bonnaroo clues? There have been three so far.

Clue #1: A trip to space thwarted by a speckled lad’s demise. A watershed moment otherwise.

Clue #2: Cecilia’s dress code: Sheer

Clue #3: Still up. A month now, maybe two. Don’t call the priest, just find my guru.

The clues are tweeted out by Bonnaroo or you can follow the hashtag #rooclue on twitter for more clues.

I admit, at first I thought this was just a lot of hype and wondered why they couldn’t just make an announcement about the performers. Well, until I saw the Bonnaroo line up from 2010 and realized just how big this festival is!

Have you ever gone? Who do you hope will be performing at Bonnaroo 2011?

Photo: PRPhotos