Born on the Fourth of July: Victoria Beckham's Baby Will Share July 4th Birthday With These Celebs!

Victoria Beckham baby
Victoria Beckham's little girl to be "Born on the Fourth of July"

Born on the Fourth of July: it’s not just a movie!  Victoria Beckham and David Beckham are expecting the arrival of their fourth child (and first girl!) on July 4th.

When I first heard that the c-section birth was scheduled for Independence Day, I thought that was a little weird. After all, it’s a holiday and everyone is so busy then. But the Beckhams have their reasons for choosing July 4th.

And what fun for the newest member of the Beckham clan to always have a huge celebration on her birthday: picnics and a long weekend and fireworks every year!

Little baby Beckham will share a July 4th birthday with plenty of other famous names:

Famous people born on the  Fourth of July are: Abigail Van Buren, Ann Landers, Geraldo Rivera, Neil Simon, Calvin Coolidge, Eva Marie Saint, George Steinbrenner, Leona Helmsley, and  Malia Obama.

That is a pretty distinguished list that Baby Girl Beckham will be joining!

Photo: PRPhotos