Born This Way Music Video: Watch Lady Gaga Give Birth in Born This Way Video

born this way music video lady gaga
Watch Lady Gaga Born This Way Music Video

The Born This Way music video is here! Watch Lady Gaga in her new “Born this Way” video, featuring a sci-fi intro where Mother Monster Lady Gaga gives birth to “a new race within the race of humanity” that “doesn’t bear any prejudices.”

Watch the Born This Way music video and check out Lady Gaga’s Born This Way lyrics.

What do you think of the Born This Way music video? What do you make of the birth imagery?

Has Gaga gone too far… or is this typical Lady Gaga pushing-it-over-the-top stuff?

At any rate, you’ll be talking about it, which will get more people watching it… and it’ll be a huge viral hit, whether people like the video or not.