Boston Rob Mariano Winner Survivor Redemption Island: Talks About Winning for His Kids

Boston Rob wins Survivor Redemption Island
Boston Rob wins Survivor Redemption Island

Boston Rob Mariano was crowned the winner of Survivor Redemption Island, taking home the million dollar prize after competing on Survivor four times.

Boston Rob has played 117 days in this game!

During the Survivor Redemption Island finale tribal council, Mariano said this was his last time in the game, noting that he wanted to do this to take care of his wife and kids.

Major cuteness during the Survivor 2011 finale, as Boston Rob’s wife, Amber (a Survivor winner, herself!), was in the reunion show audience with their little girls. Amber held the baby and little girl and gave Rob a kiss after the final votes and his win were announced.

Later, Boston Rob’s older daughter was heard saying, “Daddy, Daddy, Daddy” from the audience, as Jeff Probst pointed out Rob’s family.

While Rob said he was planning to focus on taking care of his wife and kids, the next project for Boston Rob is a reality series on the History Channel (read more about what’s next for Boston Rob).

Boston Rob explained his motivation on Survivor Redemption Island: “At the end of the day, I’m going to try to win a million dollars for my family.”

Do you think Boston Rob should have won Survivor Redemption Island? Nobody plays the game quite like him!

Watch Boston Rob win the Survivor Redemption Island finale (video) – how cute are those kids?

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