Both LeAnn Rimes And Brandi Glanville Attend Son Masons Soccer Game! What Happened?


Brandi Glanville is the woman and mother of the year, in my opinion.

Why, you ask? Because if the “other woman” who allegedly broke up my marriage and pretended to be a “bonus mom” to my kids decided to flaunt her relationship with my ex-husband in front of my two eyes… man oh man… that would not have a pretty ending.

But Brandi Glanville proved just what kind of classy woman she is by not uttering a word to LeAnn Rimes when she paraded herself in front of Brandi’s two boys, Mason and Jake, while she made out with Eddie Cibrian at their soccer game.

Yep, that is exactly what happened. While LeAnn rarely had her hands off of Eddie while they horsed around, Brandi sat on the sidelines with a friend but never spoke to them or even looked in their direction.

While some might say that there’s nothing wrong with a little PDA, a child’s soccer game isn’t a place for it, nor is it when you’re ex-wife is sitting only a few feet away from you. While it was LeAnn who looked pretty pathetic in this situation here, at least Eddie owes it to his children to be respectful of their mother.

Check out the photos of the soccer game here and tell us, is this an all-new low for Eddie and LeAnn? In the meantime, I sincerely applaud Brandi for showing some great strength here. As awkward, hurtful, and heart-wrenching as the situation might have been for her, she displayed wonderful class in front of her kids. She truly is a great mother!


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