'Botox-Free' Teri Hatcher Being Sued!


Teri HatcherJust a day after posting photos of herself fresh out of the shower and Botox free, Teri Hatcher is being sued for wrongful termination and fraud.  According to the Toronto Sun, Jennifer Glassman claims that she was hired by Hatcher to be Vice President of Hatcher’s production company, and promised half the venture’s profits.

“Glassman maintains she quit her PR job to take on the position but the pair failed to draw up a binding contract and instead signed a blank document as a “formality”, allowing Hatcher to dismiss her employee.

Glassman alleges she helped launch a website supported by Disney under Hatcher’s name but was fired months before the star was paid for the project. ”

She also claims that she had to handle handle “Hatcher’s mood swings and unusual requests”, including planning parties, making vacation arrangements and hiring a dog trainer. ”

Brad Cafarelli, Hatcher’s spokesperson,tells, “It is unfortunate that the many opportunities Ms. Hatcher afforded the former employee are now being so implausibly twisted and contorted.”

At least now that Hatcher is Botox free, she’ll be able to fully express her outrage at this lawsuit! And if I had one piece of advice to give to Jennifer Glassman don’t sign blank documents!

Source: The Toronto Sun