Boys of Summer: Gwen Stefanis Fun in the Sun with Kingston & Zumas (Photos)

The Boys of Summer

It’s summer time! And while many kids are indoors playing on their x-boxes or watching reruns of Phineas and Ferb, there are some kids who are out and about and enjoying the sun and fun that summertime brings.

Two such kids are Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale‘s sons Kingston and Zuma. The two blond and beautiful boys were with their blond and beautiful mom enjoying a day of play at Cold Water Park.

Check out the adorable photos of the family right here!

  • Gwen Stefani Wins! 1 of 8
    Gwen Stefani Wins!
    Gwen Stefani looks triumphant at the park.
  • The Toys 2 of 8
    The Toys
    Gwen has her hands full!
  • Kingston 3 of 8
    Kingston enjoying the sun!
  • Zuma 4 of 8
    Gwen gives Zuma a lift.
  • Some Shade 5 of 8
    Some Shade
    Gwen sits down and enjoys some down time in the shade.
  • Kingston Takes a Spill 6 of 8
    Kingston Takes a Spill
    Kingston falls, but he was okay.
  • Covered Up 7 of 8
    Covered Up
    Kingston was covered up, but that didn't last for long.
  • Sun screen 8 of 8
    Sun screen
    But Gwen's a good mom, she lathered him up with sunscreen.