Brad Longs For The Single Life?



Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have been together for several years and are parents to six children together.  But according to sources, the Inglorious Basterds actor longs for his days of being a bachelor.

An insider said, “He can’t let go of his bachelor lifestyle.  He’s even looking at luxury flats in the Hollywood Hills to escape the kids and Angie.”

According to the source, “Angie and her manager Geyer Kosinski carefully control her image,” and she and Brad put on a show for the public.

“When Brad dumped Jen, to stop Angie looking like the scarlet woman, she was flown to Pakistan and pictured helping refugees.

“When she sold the first photos of the twins to People magazine, it had to highlight her missionary work. She sometimes asks Brad what he thinks, but he’s mostly seen and not heard.”

Hey, everyone daydreams from time to time about their “single” life before partners and/or kids, but that doesn’t mean you pick up and take off, leaving your family behind.  Sure, some do *cough, Jon Gosselin* but most stick by their family and the choices they’ve made.  Brad Pitt seems like a man who isn’t going to abandon his family.  Seems pretty happy to me!