Brad Pitt Chanel SNL Spoof: "Do I Look Super Homeless?" (Video)

Taran Killam as Brad Pitt

Super star dad Brad Pitt was mocked not once but twice on this weekend Saturday Night Live. The fodder for the funny segments? His odd Chanel ads.  The ads were released to a luke warm reception last week with comments about the somewhat poetic script to the his shaggy yet chic appearance, things that made it very easy to be mocked.

Saturday Night Live‘s new cast member Taran Killam donned a wig, a goatee and an outfit very similar to Pitt’s in two spots. In one he questions why there is no script and wonders why he’s been just standing there and talking to himself for two hours. At one point he stops suddenly and asks, “do I look super homeless?”

In the second spot, the ad starts off like a mock Chanel ad but quickly turns to an ad for Dorito Tacos at Taco Bell. At one point his large family is mocked with the line that the tacos are, “a great way to make a quick meal when you have between eight and 20 children,” he said with a deadpan expression.

Check out the Brad Pitt spoof ads right here:

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