Brad Pitt Finally Shaved His Beard


We can barely remember the last time we saw Brad Pitt without a beard–it had pretty much become a permanent fixture, and Pitt’s clean-cut look American first grew to love was but a distant memory.

But finally, we’ve come to the light at the end of the tunnel.

A month ago, the actor trimmed his beard for his upcoming movie Moneyball–in which he plays Oakland A’s general manager Billy Beane–and today he was spotted with no facial hair at all.

Even if Pitt didn’t necessarily shave his beard just because he wanted to, it’s likely all of America is breathing a big sigh of relief as a result–and his family, probably a bigger one. How did Angelina and his six kids live with that scruffy, oft-quite long beard for so long? We wonder if the kids ever tired of Dad looking like some sort of mountain man, or if Angelina truly liked her hubby’s facial hair look.

We may never know the answers to that, but the most important thing is the beard is finally gone.


Photo: INF Photo

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