Brad Pitt For Mayor Of New Orleans?


brad-pitt-for-mayorRumors have been going around that Brad Pitt is getting tired of acting and may be looking for a bit of a career change. Is running for mayor of New Orleans really on Brad’s agenda?

In his own words, Brad will be running on the “gay marriage, no religion, legalization and taxation of marijuana platform.” In other words, he won’t be putting a lot of serious thought to a political career (because that kinda hippie stuff don’t fly in NOLA).

Still, stranger things have happened. It would obviously be a big blow to Brad’s ego if he put serious effort towards a run and lost, but no matter how controversial some of his ideas are, he’s a superstar with no major black marks on his score card.

What’s to stop him? He used to smoke lots of pot, but hey, the last three presidents have admitted to doing the same thing. IMO, the biggest hurdle for Brad’s campaign is that he and Angie aren’t married.

Some politicians support gay marriage. Some of them support legalizing marijuana. But nearly ALL of them are married. Brad and Angelina are apparently waiting until gay marriage is legal before they officially exchange vows. Or in his own words:

“Angie and I will not be getting married until George Clooney and his partner can legally do so.” ZING!

At least he’s got six kids, that ought to be good for his political career.