Brad Pitt Involved In Cheating Scandal With Flight Attendant?


While the cat’s away, the mouse will play, right? I guess that old saying rings true as far as Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are concerned. Angie is once again off on some mission trying to prove that she’s some sort of humanitarian, but her “loving” hubby Brad is rumored to be engaging in more scandalous extracurricular activities.

A French model and flight attendant named Racine is saying that she recently “bedded Hollywood’s golden boy”, hinting that the man in question was indeed, Brad Pitt.

Racine also claims that she prefers hooking up with men who are already married, because “they get so excited when they cheat.” Wow, she sounds like a real class act, doesn’t she?

In addition to boasting about getting a bit too cozy with Brad, she also says that she’s been with three other men that Angelina has dated.

Do you think that Brad is cheating on Angelina? Or is Racine just trying to get a rise out of the celeb mom of six?

Photo: Pacific Coast News