Brad Pitt Is A MacGyver Smoker



A while back, Brad admitted that his first meeting with Quentin Tarantino about Inglorious Basterds ended in debauchery. Now Quentin has revealed further details: Brad can make a pipe out of anything.

Says Brad:

“All I know is we talked about backstory and we talked about movies into the wee hours. I got up the next morning and I saw five empty bottles of wine on the floor. Five. And something that resembled smoking apparatus, I don’t know what that was…”

Says QT:

“That was Brad. He did the fabrication. He can take a Coke can and make it — functional.”

To reference the classic stoner comedy Half Baked, that would make Brad what is commonly known as a “MacGyver Smoker,” i.e. a guy who can take common household items and turn them into elaborate smoking devices.

It’s quite a talent, but perhaps one that Brad doesn’t want to pass along to future generations? Maybe he could start using his skills to make furniture and tree houses.

As his 6 kids start to come of age, Brad is probably going to wish this information never leaked out.

It’s been rumored recently that Brad is getting really fed up with the life of restraint and obligations he’s currently living. Is Brad looking to cut loose?