Brad Pitt Looking Hot at Moneyball Premiere: Where's Angelina Jolie? (Photos)

Brad Pitt hot Moneyball premiere Angelina Jolie
Brad Pitt at Moneyball premiere

Brad Pitt is looking oh-so-hot in these Moneyball premiere photos taken at the Paramount Theater of the Arts in Oakland, California… but where’s Angelina Jolie?

By now, we know that Angelina isn’t always at Brad’s side for premieres, but she was missed by the fans. Or not, as Pitt looks like he’s pretty well adored in these shots.

Pitt sports a suit, with vest, and a casually unbuttoned shirt collar. Yes, he’s got scruff and long hair – but he’s also still filming, so would you expect anything different?

The sunglasses are fabulous, as is Brad Pitt’s million dollar smile. Let the sighing begin. Dreamy.

Brad Pitt joined co-stars Phillip Seymour Hoffman and a skinny Jonah Hill at the premiere of Moneyball, which opens in theaters on September 23. Something tells me folks at the premiere weren’t nearly as interested in Hoffman or Hill.

Pitt commented, “It’s very cool. This is a special screening for us. The people of Oakland gave us such a great response. They stayed up with us for hours on end to tape the baseball scenes (for the movie) and never lost energy.”

Pitt explained baseball “was not my gift,” noting, “I had a crap arm. I couldn’t hit. My career ended with 18 stitches under my eye after a pop fly at high noon.”

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    Brad Pitt Moneyball premiere
  • Brad Pitt looking good! 2 of 11
    Brad Pitt looking good!
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    Brad Pitt poses at Moneyball premiere
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    Brad Pitt's hot style
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    Love the glasses!
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    There's that smile
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    Pitt answers questions and greets fans
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    Wait for it...
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    Finger point!
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    Oh, Brad!


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