Brad Pitt Makes Parenting Mistakes Just Like Anyone Else!

brad pitt tree of life cannes
Brad Pitt The Tree of Life at Cannes

Brad Pitt says that he makes parenting mistakes just like anybody else!

And of course he would he is a parent after all!  Normal like the rest of us… except he’s a millionaire and married to one of the most beautiful women in the world.

Just because he is a celebrity doesn’t make him exempt from the challenges of parenthood.

In an interview with People magazine, the actor, 42, admitted that he too has made mistakes.

“Not [like I’m] a horrible parent, but I’ve certainly made mistakes and had to make up for it.”

Pitt was in Cannes for his new film, The Tree of Life which won the top prize, and then at the Los Angeles Premiere.  Pitt plays an abusive 1950s-era father whose actions profoundly impact the life of one of his three sons in particular.

He said he certainly doesn’t raise his kids that way, as in the role he portrays.

“I’m painfully aware that my actions leave a double mark on them in these formidable years, so I make sure I don’t bring my crap at home.”

He and Angelina Jolie also want their children to be themselves and find their own way.

“I want to keep them free to explore that innocence as long as possible and find out what’s really interesting to them,” he said. “I just don’t want to encumber them in any way.”

Which means he wants them to “follow their bliss…whatever makes them happy.”

Photo: PCN