Brad Pitt Dumps His Brand New Bike


brad-pitt-accidentBrad Pitt was the latest victim of a paparazzi hit or was he. He was out riding his new toy and was bumped from behind, lost his balance an tipped his bike. Another source says that he nicked a mirror of a parked car and lost his balance.

Oh, noes. I hope he wasn’t hurt. He left his bike at the scene and ran into an apartment complex and stayed away from the scene until someone came to pick him up.

Someone later returned to the scene to pick up his bike, but man, that could have been super scary. He has 6 kids to care for, Brad needs to be more careful.

Even though we would like to believe it was the paparazzi’s fault, it’s more likely that it was Brad’s fault and it was just something that happened while he was getting used to his new toy.

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