Brad Pitt Says - Don't Touch Me



Thanks a lot Anne Curry, you ruined it for the rest of us. You just had to rub up allover Brad Pitt and now he says no touchy please.

Did you see the Anne Curry interview? If not, she really was all up in his face, rubbing it. It was definitely uncomfortable to watch since I don’t like it when people invade my space. He was so much more gracious then I would ever be or even have the capability of being.

Now, so he’s never in that situation again, he’s added a no contact clause to his contracts. If you are doing an interview with him prepare to put your hands in your pockets or behind your back. You know that trick you always make your kids do, so you don’t end up buying things you didn’t want.

I wonder if he uses that line at home with the kids. He comes home exhausted, the kids all clamor for attention and he just wants five minutes to himself. Does he say, I’m still at work for five minutes and the no touching rule is still in effect?


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